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The hazardous waste transport And disposal specialists.
Do you have chemical waste that requires disposal?
Do you have laboratory smalls to get rid of?
Do you require a collection of Covid-19 waste?
Do you require a collection of empty drums / IBCs or contaminated packaging?
Do you require our chemist service for the identification of unknown chemicals?
Do you need a site clearance?
Do you have asbestos waste that requires disposal?
Do you have a spillage that requires a clean-up?
Do you have gas cylinders to dispose of?

Hazport Ltd Is A Hazardous Waste Transport And Disposal Company...

offering a range of unique services surrounding hazardous waste disposal and dangerous goods transport. We are based in North Shropshire but have vehicles running throughout the UK & Ireland.
Hazport has in stock a full range of UN approved containers and can deliver anywhere in the UK or Ireland at short notice.
  • We are aware of the very latest technology surrounding the treatment & final disposal of hazardous waste using our comprehensive industry experience.
  • Hazport prides itself on a Euro 6 modern vehicle fleet and the truck making a collection at your site will always be clean, tidy and compliant
  • When the trucks are not out working, they are being meticulously maintained and cleaned.
  • We take our operators licence very seriously and pride ourselves on our excellent OCRS score.
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You Are Probably Wondering
Who We Are...?

The company was formed in 2006 and has been trading and building up an excellent reputation since then.

The management has a combined industry experience of 30 years and is aware of the very latest technology surrounding the treatment and final disposal of hazardous waste.
Hazport carries out work on site for some of the biggest companies in the world as well as some one man garage operations. Our customer service and response time for both quotations and collections are second to none.
With a full range of vehicles travelling throughout the UK, you as the client can be sure of a swift, compliant and cost effective hazardous waste disposal collection.

Hazport understands the clients need surrounding traceability of material once it has left the site, as a result, all waste returns and completed paperwork are safely stored on our electronic database and emailed over once the job is completed.





The Hazport concept was based on this area of expertise and still to the present day is at the heart of our business, and we offer routine and one-off collections across the UK.

Hazport is a market leader in providing automotive waste disposal services for some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.


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